---"Naturally raised meat, the healthier choice for you and your family"---

Hurd Farm is a small farm, located on the scenic Taylor River in Hampton, NH.
The Hurd family has owned and operated the farm since 1923. Previously a dairy
farm, we now raise all-natural beef, pork and poultry. Our animals are fed an
all-natural diet with no added antibiotics or growth stimulants and spend their
days in the pasture on our farm's 160 acres.

Cuts of beef, pork, chicken or turkey and eggs from our free-range hens are
available for purchase at our farm store or any of the farmersí markets that we
attend. We also sell wholes and halves of beef or pork, cut to your preference, call
or email us for availability.

Find farm store hours, farmersí market locations and other contact information on
the Contact Us page.

We encourage you to stop by and visit our animals, see where your food is raised
and support your local farmer.

Steve & Sheryl Hurd