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Steve and Morgan at the Exeter Farmer's Market
My name is Morgan Hurd and I am the fourth generation of Hurd Farm, along with
my sister Leanne. My father, Steven is the owner of Hurd Farm. The farm
originated back in 1923 with the first generation and has been in the family since.

We attended our first farmerís market as vendors in May of 2010 and that is when I
got recruited to help run the market side of the business. I can tell you getting up at
6:30AM to get ready to go to a market every Saturday or spending the whole
afternoon outside in the heat during the week at a market was definitely not my
favorite thing. Most of my friends didnít even have jobs at that point, so I felt as
though I was missing out on time to have fun during my summers. But now that I
look back, I wouldnít change any of the experiences I had during those markets, all
the things I learned about the farm or the animals or the business and most of all
the time I was able to spend with my father.

I love to teach people the benefits of a product and why they need it. Like every
good salesperson theres always a little bit of bs-ing involved, but if you ask my
mother, I am a professional at that. I want to improve peopleís lives and health with
grass fed meat, whilst promoting buying from a local business rather than the big
companies. I also want to help people understand how much better animals are
treated by their local farmers, rather than the ones in feedlots.

Please check out my blog to learn more about me and our journey, and where I
share everything from Tips for cooking Grass Fed Beef, Recipes, Info about the
farm, Factory farming (where grocery store meat comes from) and more ...
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also where you will now find our Farmer's Market Schedule.


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What it's like to be a 3rd generation farmer's daughter in the 21st Century