CSA Package Options
For you folks who are interested in feeding your family some of the healthiest,
tastiest, pasture-raised meats available, look no further and apply for a CSA
membership with us today. We offer a 6 month Summer CSA from June to
November, and a 6 month Winter CSA from December to May. Each month your
meat share will provide you with your choice of 10 or 20lbs of naturally raised,
hormone and antibiotic-free meat. Pick-up location and time will be noted on your
application for membership. Each months meat share will consist of a selection of
whole chicken, beef and pork cuts. The share items will vary each month depending
on availability. The cost of our Summer CSA will always include one of our fresh
pasture-raised turkeys for Thanksgiving. Check out our yellow box below for sign-up
instructions. We look forward to welcoming you to our CSA family!

For those of you who are not familiar with the term
CSA, it stands for Community
Supported Agriculture
. When a health-conscious consumer purchases a 'share'
with a farm, they are actually ensuring the farm continues with quality production
practices that are necessary to give back to 'you', the consumer, outstanding quality
foods. 'You' become an important partner in the future of the locally grown foods
movement. 'You' are buying into the knowledge of where your food comes from, and
how it was raised.

To become a member of our CSA, fill out a membership form right here online. If
you would prefer to fill out a physical membership form, you can pick one up at any
of the farmers’ markets that we attend, at our farm store or we can email one to you.
We accept payment through PayPal or mail a check to: Hurd Farm, 11 Old Stage
Rd, Hampton, NH 03842. You can also make payment using a CC at our farm store,
open on Wednesdays and Fridays 4-7pm or at any of our farmers markets. CSA’s
are picked up at the farm on the second Friday of each month. We hope you’ll
consider becoming part of our CSA family!

We look forward to meeting you and beginning a working relationship in the future of
local food production. Don’t forget to check out our beef, pork and poultry pages to
get a close look at our healthy and happy animals!
Meat CSA Shares are now available to our local community
from your local meat producer, The Hurd Farm!
Steve & Sheryl Hurd