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Below is a picture of our beef cow herd grazing in our knee-deep spring pasture.
By using the rotational grazing program, our cows are able to have access to a
fresh, green pasture every day during the grazing season. In the winter months
they are fed our own hay harvested from our fields. Due to popular request, our
beef is now 100% grass fed!

Beef can be purchased as whole or halves, for those who have the freezer space
and/or large families. It is priced per lb. hanging weight., plus a cut and wrap fee.
If you are looking for a lesser amount, we sell a variety of frozen, individual cuts
right from the farm. (See order page for hours.) Some of the items we have
available include steaks, ground beef, roasts, ribs and tips. Hours for purchase
are posted on our contact page Our tasty beef can also be purchased at several
farmer's market locations, including Exeter, Hampton, Rye and Newmarket

Hope to meet you soon, and begin helping you to make " the healthier choice for
you and your family."