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Steve and Sheryl Hurd operate the farm. Steve is the third generation to live and
farm here. We take great pride in our agricultural heritage and are passionate
about raising the best locally grown meats available. In 2005 we permanantly
preserved the farm by placing a conservation easement on the property.

This has allowed us to continue in the farming business, but best of all, it has
protected our land from being developed into a "crop of houses". We and future
Hurd generations can continue to enjoy the vast open fields, tree lined acres, and
views of the Taylor River for years to come. Stroll down Old Stage Rd someday
and just take in the wonderful sights and sounds of an operating farm. Walk over
the newly constructed covered bridge over the Taylor River and think about what
better place could a farm animal ask for to live and grow up happy and healthy.

We hope you'll try some of our "naturally raised meats" and see that there is no
comparison in flavor and quality to today's large commercial operation's
products. We hope you'll support your local farmers and keep the quality

Below are a collection of photos of the four Hurd generations. Technology has
changed how we farm, as you can see from the hard working horses, to the shiny
green and yellow "Deere", but the land will be preserved forever just as you see it
in these photos.

1st Generation - Leander Hurd
2nd Generation - Leander & son Geary Hurd
3rd Generation - Geary & son Steven Hurd
4th Generation - Steven &
daughter Morgan Hurd
Not to be outdone, Sheryl also operates Taylor River Grooming Salon at the farm where she
provides everything from bathing to trims at reasonable prices. In keeping with Hurd farm's focus
on superior quality, Sheryl limits her clients so she can give each dog her undivided attention.
Your dog won't spend the day in a crate waiting for his turn here!
Steve and Morgan at the Farmer's Market